An action packed encounter against the Leopards left many spectators thrilled and disappointed at the same time. How the game ended goalless is puzzling even to the men on the technical bench. Coach Kanu had a lot to say about the game.

Here are the excerpts …

General Assessment

It was a 50-50 game. Anyone could have won it. We had the first half in our hands while second half belonged completely to the Leopards. It was a game of two halves with the same tale of a team dominating another but not scoring.

On whether he is disappointed with the his team start to the season

I am not happy. Of course, we need to do better, and we should have done better in the two games we’ve played so far. However, let us not crucify my players because we still got a long way to go. Nobody should be crucified by the performance in two games; not my players and not me. We could as well go on and win all the other 15 of the first round matches or one can win the first two and then go on to fail to register a win in the other 15.

Why the momentum shifted to the opponents in the second half

When you do not convert your chances you give your opponent the chance to punish you. They made two good substitutions at the beginning of the second half which greatly changed the game. We didn’t respond accordingly and thus with every chance they created they got the belief and kept knocking at our door.

On Brian Bwire Heroics

He was outstanding today. Clearly the man of the match on our side. He deserves all the applause for his heroics today. Additionally, he deserves three points with that kind of performance which he didn’t get because we didn’t convert our chances.

On what area needs to be worked on

It’s in taking chances that we should improve. We had three clear cut chances of scoring in the first half which could have completely changed the course of the game. We should be burying those chances early so that we can control the game better. At the end, football is about converting more chances your opponent. We didn’t do that today and that is why they were able to come back strongly and give us a hard time in the second half.

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