Is it one point gained or is it two points lost?

It’s more of a paradox. If I was to ask myself whether I am satisfied with the one point, I would say the result favors our opponents more because they maintain the gap between us just as it was before the game. I needed to win, but at times, its better half a loaf than none.

You think, you were unlucky today, hitting the post twice?

Well, I cannot say it’s unlucky, they say in sports at times you’ve got to push your luck. We didn’t push ours today. We should have scored in the first half and in the dying minutes of the second half.

What is your assessment of your substitutes?

Not so much came from them. We will have to work on that because we expect impact from our subs. I am not happy with them today.

You played barely forty eight hours after coming from Dar, what’s your take on that?

It was tough for the players really. You see we had to make our two substitutions because of injury. Harrison and Wasambo were injured and also Abege was really exhausted we had to take him off. Even after completing the subs you saw that Abuya finished the game limping. So it is really tough for the players. I need to give chances to the other players so that the burden.

How frustrating is the fixture congestion this season for your team?

I think, we cannot blame anyone. We understand the toll it’s taking on the players. We also all understand that the league should end by June so it’s all about us coming up with ways to cope.  The fixture congestion also makes the league this season a very tricky one. Whoever opens the gap may have a huge advantage. That’s why we need to be careful, very careful.

Your comment on the last minute penalty claim by Sydney?

Well, I will have to look at it again. I didn’t have clear sight of it from where I was standing. I leave it there.

Does the nine point gap between you and the leaders frighten you?

Not really. It’s a very tricky league I’ve said. We still have six or seven games in the first leg to go. You lose or draw one game and things really change. Gor were languishing at the bottom, they won two games and they are suddenly in the top five. It’s an open race. I believe anyone can win the league this

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