Apart from Patilla Omoto and George Abege, the rest of the team including the coach, was making their debut at continental club competition. It was the perfect start for the boss at the touchline with an emphatic victory, probably the best of what he could ask for. The coach has however called for calmness amid the joy of the big win in his post match interview which we have for you here;

First Match at the continentals as a coach and a big win, how does that feel?

I would say it’s a challenge. It’s about repeating the performance and to keep on getting the positive result. Anytime you do well the question quickly becomes what you expect ahead. It’s a challenge to keep working.

What were your expectations ahead of the game, were you surprised by the margin of victory?

It’s a big win, yes, but scoring many goals doesn’t surprise me that much. We have been scoring highly to towards the end of last season, I think averaging three goals a game. So I expected the boys to score some goals. We were prepared for the task and the boys just picked up from where we left in our last game which was the one we won this trophy.

What do you make of the performance from your team today?

It was a good performance from the players. I would say the boys were very eager to try to set their foot to the matches in the continentals. I however believe that every 90 minutes count so we still have to work hard for the second leg. As much as we are one foot into the next round I still believe we should keep our heads down and finish the job in Djibouti.

What about the two new players you have featured today, have they impressed you?

It was good inception into the team for them. They have kept to the instructions and shape of the team. Teka provided the assist for the first goal and Nixon was also involved in bringing the third goal. So generally they have done well, they just need to keep putting in the hard work and fit into the team.

The season schedule will be a demanding for you if we are to factor in the continental fixtures, how do you plan to deal with that?

Basically, for me, I look at it as a chance to give most of my players the chance to play. So the injection of the many young players that you are seeing is meant to cover that. It’s more than a challenge; to me it’s an opportunity for every team player to make his contribution.

Arta Solar coach has highlighted, the altitude and humidity as things that went against them, do you think the same will affect you?

If they have been able to do 90 minutes here in conditions that do not favor them then I believe we can also do 90 minutes there in conditions unfamiliar to us. So that shouldn’t really be an excuse or a big hindrance.

Have you had sufficient preparation considering the short time between the end of the last season and this match?

We had to make up with it, to work within it. It just upon us now to adapt to it, make use of the little time that is there to do the best we can. It is affecting all teams in the country so it cannot be an excuse, it is about who adapts the best.

You have attacked so much at home, what sought of tactic should we expect away from home?

I believe the best way of defending is to attack. So expect a positive approach away.

Do you think you can get a win away?

I would say that we will be looking to get something positive in Djibouti and you know a positive result will secure us a place in the next round.

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