Combative Midfielder Sven Yidah spoke to the Sharks Digital team ahead of the 7th Slum Derby set to take center stage of theKenyan Premier League fixtures this weekend. This is part of what he had to say:

“Your mentality must be that of a winner. In a derby that is very important. When you are a footballer, you know what derbies are like. You know what you have to do. You just have to win. You don’t need your teammates or your coach to tell you that.”

“You know what the feeling is like in this kind of games. The passion, the rivalry amongst the fans, the pride of your team… especially when you have two teams coming from the same side of Nairobi City neighboring each other and with lots of history between them.”

“In games like this one, you want to give your everything, to be warrior and a fighter for your team. When everyone comes with that mentality then we will definitely have a good outing. I believe we are all coming with the right mentality tomorrow.”

On his derby preparations

“I like to watch videos highlights of the players I admire playing in a derby and speaking before the derby. I listen to how De Rossi speaks before Roma plays Lazio or how Koke or Ramos speak before Madrid derby. I try to feed off the mentality that these players have when going into derbies.”

Special Opponent in the derby

“I would say that winning against David Owino will make feel good. We come from the same hood (Kibra) so I will feel good to have one over him and to be reminding him of it when we meet at home.”



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